Brand Logo Color Palettes

Facebook Colors

Facebook app, web and logo brand color palette. The entire facebook color palette is not include a big amount of colors. There is one main Blue shade color. And a bulk of gray shades color for typography.

There are two different Blue colors for a new and old version of logo. The new facebook hex color is #1778F2 Blue(Crayola). The old one is #4267b2 RGB(66, 103, 178)

Google Brand Colors

There are 4 main colors(exclude white and black), that Google use to visual design products.

LinkedIn Colors

Linkedin has a warm palette that includes a lot of colors. They use it in UI of application and web.
There is only one Blue(22, 102, 194) primary color for a logo now.
A Few years ago, "Brand" has a more complex palette for a logo, includes 3 colors and a gradient.

Messenger Colors

There is one major color for Facebook messenger logo.

Patreon Colors

Patreon has one major accent color called Fiery Coral(#FF424D).
There are also two functional base colors pure white and a shade of black(20,21,24).

Pinterest Colors

Pinterest has only one main color that represents a brand and a logo, called "Pinterest red"

TikTok Colors

There are 4 main colors in TokTok brand logo. Black #010101 color using as a background.
In front of the logo, we have a white(255,255,255) "t" letter styled as a musical note.
Decorated with cyan(77, 232, 244) and pink(238, 29, 82) shades.

Twitch TV Colors

Primary Twitch color is a Purple(Twitch Purple). The Core palette contain two more colors, Black(Black Ops) and a Gray shade called Ice.

Twitch purple hex code is #9146ff for rgb check palette below.

Twitter Colors

Twitter has only one primary color(Blue). That using for logo and primary action elements. Also, It has a gray shades color palette for design

WhatsApp Colors

WhatsApp Color Scheme has 2 main colors. Green is primary for colored logo. Gray is commonly using for background and black and white appearance

YouTube Colors

The Main Youtube color is pure red(255,0,0). Called as Youtube Red in a brand book.
Youtube is not strictly used primary color for a logo. There also two more options for a monochrome variant.