Brands Logo Colors

AmazonAmazonIn a general Amazon logo we have only a pure black color and an orange accent. It could be also a different variations includes dark blue and gray colors.
BootstrapBootstrapBootstrap primary color is purple, but there is no limitation to use it in black/white colors.
FacebookFacebookFacebook app, web and logo brand color palette. The entire facebook color palette is not include a big amount of colors. There is one main Blue shade color. And a bulk of gray shades color for typography.
There are two different Blue colors for a new and old version of logo. The new facebook hex color is #1778F2 Blue(Crayola). The old one is #4267b2 RGB(66, 103, 178)
GoogleGoogleThere are 4 main colors(exclude white and black), that Google use to visual design products.
Google logo use sans serif font.
InstagramInstagramInstagram logo has complex gradient. Here is a main gradient colors
IntelIntelIntel has a simple color scheme, consist of one blue shadow called (Intel blue) and a pure white background.
LinkedInLinkedInLinkedin has a warm palette that includes a lot of colors. They use it in UI of application and web.
There is only one Blue(22, 102, 194) primary color for a logo now.
A Few years ago, "Brand" has a more complex palette for a logo, includes 3 colors and a gradient.
MessengerMessengerThere is one major color for Facebook messenger logo.
MicrosoftMicrosoftMicrosoft has 4 colored squares in a logo, that combining in a big square(window).
NetflixNetflixThe primary company color is a shade of Red called "Netflix Red". There is no restrictions on foreground color but contrast ratio (3:1).
PatreonPatreonPatreon has one major accent color called Fiery Coral(#FF424D).
There are also two functional base colors pure white and a shade of black(20,21,24).
PinterestPinterestPinterest has only one main color that represents a brand and a logo, called "Pinterest red"
SlackSlackSlack logo itself consist of 4 accent colors, Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. There are a few possible background colors, the company secondary color - Purple (Aubergine), and the plain Black and White.
TikTokTikTokThere are 4 main colors in TokTok brand logo. Black #010101 color using as a background.
In front of the logo, we have a white(255,255,255) "t" letter styled as a musical text.
Decorated with cyan(77, 232, 244) and pink(238, 29, 82) shades.
Twitch TVTwitch TVPrimary Twitch color is a Purple(Twitch Purple). The Core palette contain two more colors, Black(Black Ops) and a Gray shade called Ice.
Twitch purple hex code is #9146ff for rgb check palette below.
TwitterTwitterTwitter has only one primary color(Blue). That using for logo and primary action elements. Also, It has a gray shades color palette for design
WhatsAppWhatsAppWhatsApp Color Scheme has 2 main colors. Green is primary for colored logo. Gray is commonly using for background and black and white appearance
YahooYahooAfter last update yahoo changes a main company color to a shade of purple.
YouTubeYouTubeThe Main Youtube color is pure red(255,0,0). Called as Youtube Red in a brand book.
Youtube is not strictly used primary color for a logo. There also two more options for a monochrome variant.
ZoomZoomZoom blue is a Primary brand color for the logo and primary UI elements. There are few variants of logo, with a blue color as a background, for white text and reverted.